880 candidates who attended the 2015 Greater Philadelphia Teacher Job fair were surveyed twice (immediately after the fair and again 6 months later) to gather feedback about the event. Here are some highlights of the results:


Immediate feedback:

  • 91% of respondents stated that they know more about presenting themselves to and networking with employers at professional events as a result of attending the job fair
  • 91% were able to make connections and network with recruiters
  • 82% discovered new employers who they didn’t think initially matched their interests
  • 93% agreed that they gained practice responding to questions from employers
  • 94% agreed that attending the Teacher Job Fair was a good use of their time
  • 92% felt prepared for their job search process

6 month feedback:

  • 84% followed-up with at least one employer after the Teacher Job Fair
  • 68% had recruiters follow-up with them after the event
  • 55% were invited to interviews or had interviews scheduled with employers they met with at the event
  • 72% reported working either full-time or part-time within the field of Education


Some Positive Quotes from candidates as to “Why” they would recommend the fair:

  • Great opportunity to meet future employers and market yourself. Great way to practice interviewing and be introduced to interview questions that may be asked in future interviews. Had follow up from districts so it is definitely worth the time.
  • I believe that the Teacher Job Fair allowed me to get my foot in the door with different districts that I was interested in around my area. It allowed me to speak to many important district employers giving me practice with interview related questions. Any future educator would be crazy not to attend this event.
  • I came out with three interviews from schools that I was interested in and one from a school I did not ever consider until I talked to their representative at the job fair. Also, it was great experience doing mini-interviews and get a feel for what kinds of questions they will ask. It was an overall great experience.
  • I would recommend it because it gives a new teacher experience in looking at the numerous opportunities in school districts, what they are looking for (types of certifications) and also the types of questions that will be asked in initial interviews. The experience with talking to teachers, principals and human resource administrators, was a valuable lesson in interviewing.